I haven't introduced you to my new pair of glasses yet. For the last three years you haven't seen me wearing anything else other than my YSL glasses. Now I have forced myself into a new direction and got myself a pair of ultra light rimless Silhouette glasses. 

Silhouette is known as the brand that combines trendy design with comfort and function. A few weeks ago I was invited at a press event hosted by Silhouette and I had the chance to try on different Silhouette styles. I have to admit I was quite sceptical at first, thinking these eyeglasses would make me look older. But as a result of trying these different models I decided to join the Silhouette movement. Not only because they are extremely comfortable - without any exaggeration, after a few minutes you even forget that you're wearing these glasses - but also because I liked the way they made me look more sophisticated.

The lovely people of Silhouette helped me picking out the perfect style for the shape of my face. I got myself some rimless glasses embellished with different shades of brown on the frame stems. Especially the goldish yellow details got me in a blink of an eye. The moment I set eyes on these glasses I knew they had to come home with me.
I know this is not the most fashionable item I've shown you so far but even though I wanted to share this new addition with you guys. The glasses are mine since last week and I have to say I have been wearing them non stop.

Love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Inderdaad ik zou ook niet op het eerste zicht voor deze stijl van brillen vallen, maar ik vind ze je echt mooi staan op de foto's! Ze zijn ook zeer licht op je gezicht, waardoor ze niet te veel op vallen en ik vind dat zeker wel eens leuk. Zelf ben ik geen brildrager, maar ik denk dat je voor een comfortabele bril wel alles zou doen! :)

  2. Never thought I'd like this, but they do suit you amazingly well!

    x Krizia

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  3. Mooier dan verwacht ! maar ik vind je gewone briller toch nog moderner
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  4. thanks for sharing! i really need a pair of chic and light and comfort glasses!